Tricorr Technologies Limited

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Our Vision

To provide our clients with unparallel, on-schedule, reliable and cost-effective solutions towards meeting their business objectives.

Our Mission

To be a leading provider of business critical solutions to the Oil and Gas industry and other related public and private sector industries.

Mr. Edwin, C. Igherighe - Manager, Operations

Position : Manager, Operations

Edwin graduated from the University of Benin in 1999 with M.Sc degree in Geophysics. He is experienced ground water resource consultant,

He has several publications in National and International journals, technical papers, conference proceedings on different aspects of ground and surface water to his credit.

In the past ten years He has driven over seven (7) Environmental Impact Assessments to conclusion. He is highly skilled in Environmental Compliance/Auditing and Evaluation, Waste Management, Clean-up of contaminated soil etc.

He is a member of the Soil Society of Nigeria (SSN) and Geological Society of Nigeria (GSN).

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