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Maritime Support

Our aim is always to quickly help your crew and ships, either at sea or at port with the support issues they need solved.

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Corrosion Control

We help prevent the partial or complete wearing away, dissolving, or softening of any metal substance by chemical action.

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Environmental Consulting

We ensures that our client maintains an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations.

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Capacity Building

We also provide the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment and other resources needed to do your projects competently.

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Process/Safety Management

managing business activities and applying principles, processes to help prevent accidents, injuries and to minimise other risk.

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Water Solution

We support businesses and governments with drilling boreholes, water treatment solutions and much more.

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Our Maritime Support Services cover:

  • Maintenance dredging
  • Coastal/Shoreline Protection
  • Land Reclamation
  • Landfall and Tunnel Construction
  • Rock Dredging
  • Breakwater and Harbour Dams
  • Port Construction
  • Capital Dredging
  • Environmental Dredging


Our corrosion control Services cover:

  • Cathodic Protection (installation/auditing/monitoring)
  • Pipeline coating/pigging/inspection


Our environmental consulting offering include:

  • Environmental Studies: EIA; EBS; EA; EER; PIA; SIA; HIA; Seabed survey; Pollution control
  • Waste Management/Environmental Engineering: solid waste management; oil spill clean-up; waste water Engineering; Bioremediation tech.
  • Environmental Information Systems: GIS Applications/GPS Applications/Data Base Development/Digital Cartography/Remote Sensing Interpretations and Applications/Environmental Modeling


Over the years, Tricorr have supported its clients in building the capacity their employees in the following fields:

  • Environmental management programmes/ courses
  • Process safety management programmes/courses
  • Health and safety programs/course
  • First aid program/courses
  • Risk assessment programs/courses


Our process safety management solutions are designed to reduce the incidence of process safety issues and improve regulatory compliance. Our services are based on proven principles and include:

  • Environmental & Safety Manual Development
  • Workplace Monitoring & Assessment
  • Safety Training General Safety
  • Comprehensive safety audit
  • Safety perception survey


We support businesses and governments with:

  • Water Well Drilling
  • Water Treatment
  • Water Contamination Monitoring
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